accordion serial number search
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accordion serial number search

Some accordions were even manufactured without brand names, so that a retail shop could add their own name later when they offered it for sale. So we have found that the selling prices of even professional-model 120-bass accordions have gone down recently, as they are tending to be less desirable. Contact the manufacturer. Most of the used accordions that we sell have had some type of repairs done before they go up for sale. Write down the serial number of your accordion, located on the back of the instrument. The accordion manufacturer’s website will include an address, phone number, fax number and an email address. It grew in popularity during the 1930’s and remains quite popular among accordion enthusiasts. Take photos of the accordion. 2) Xianghe Tianyin Musical Instrument Co. Ltd, BGK Beschäftigungsgesellschaft Klingental, You Can Play Cajun Accordion Book & CD Set, Directory of contemporary American musical instrument makers, Original Altsteirische Harmonikaerzeugung Franz Parz. Though a handful of them are still in operation, most stopped manufacturing decades ago, and there is little historical information available about these companies. Often the single-reed registers (switches, couplers, stops) will have a single dot on them, like this one below, which denotes the "clarinet" reed. Checking out the condition of a used accordion:Except for the section about registers, this advice also applies to button accordions and concertinas that have no switches.
With a little effort, putting it up for auction on eBay is probably the best possibility, and one that we've had success with ourselves. The short answer is, it's worth what someone is willing to pay for it. A Hohner representative will respond with the model number. We are also doing shipping & local delivery.
There are plenty of cosmetic niceties you may find such as pearloid keys, rhinestones, fancy binding or trim, or "deco" style grilles. Try this at different pressures. In-store visits are allowed on a limited, as-needed basis. Some 2-voice accordions have no registers at all, because they only make one sound: 2 reeds together (either. Titano is the most popular quality brand accordion in the North America and Australasia, played by more Champions than any other make. An interesting phenomenon is that in recent years, people have been tending to want to trade their larger and heavier 120-bass accordions for smaller, more manageable sizes. The accordion was invented in the 1800’s. On the other hand, this dealer is fluent in Italian, and when he ordered the accordion he spoke Italian to the factory. This could vary widely depending on where -- and by what method -- the accordion is being sold (by an individual on Craigslist or eBay, at a pawn shop or antique store, by a reputable accordion shop, and also by geographic region; the same instrument might fetch a higher price in New York City than it would in rural Arkansas). But apart from maintenance and retuning,accordions can easily last 20 years. Her articles have appeared in the Arkansas "Democrat Gazette," Little Rock "Free Press" and the "Arkansas Times." But depending on the accordion's overall condition, these cosmetic features don't necessarily make it more valuable. Proceed all the way up the keyboard in this manner, until you have checked every treble note on this register in both bellows directions, both white and black keys. We always suggest taking a look on eBay (at current and "sold" listings) to see what a similar instrument is going for - and you will likely encounter a very wide price range. Repairs by a trained expert can end up being very costly if a complete overhaul is needed. If there are only 2-4 switches, the accordion probably has two treble reed banks (most commonly a Low and a Middle bank, or LM).

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