brad edwards attorney wiki
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brad edwards attorney wiki

On January 29, 2018, Edwards Pottinger Founding Partner Brad Edwards and Brittany Henderson obtained a $70,560,050.00 jury verdict on behalf of a young female crew member who was brutally raped while working aboard the Endless Summer, a 150-foot luxury yacht located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Professional Attorney Profile of Bradley Edwards. The suit stemmed from the plea agreement Epstein had reached with the state of Florida in 2008 on the original criminal charges brought against him, involving sex with minors (girls of mostly 14 to 15 years old). Flight logs also show multiple occasions on which Clinton traveled on Epstein’s so-called “Lolita express” flights. Managing Editor. And not only can Trump not be tarred with complicity in whatever the Epstein crimes may be; he looks like the one guy who in 2009 was free to talk — and willing to. So Virginia Giuffre, formerly known as Virginia Roberts, stands by her accusations that Alan Dershowitz had sexual relations with her when she was a minor. The rightosphere, equally predictably, posted articles pointing out Epstein’s closer relationship with Bill Clinton, which reportedly included activities with the Clinton Foundation. …”. Reporter. Officials in both Florida and New York seem to be implicated in letting Epstein off the hook. Attorney Brad Edwards says a new accuser has come forward to say Epstein took advantage of work release to prey on young women. Copyright © 2020 Liberty Unyielding. In 2017, The Washington Times spoke to Silverstein about that piece and reported the following: Mr. Silverstein, who wrote the Vice.Com story, was asked by The Washington Times if Fusion pushed the Epstein-Trump story. As LU noted on Wednesday, Internet sleuths have reported that photos of Bill Clinton with Epstein are being scrubbed from the Web, while photos of Trump and Epstein attending the same events have been featured by the MSM – and are even being faked. Brad has tried a broad range of cases before Judges and juries, from complex class actions to personal injury and wrongful death. The sense seems to be a chary one, that Epstein could bring down a lot of people. Florida lawyer Bradley Edwards kept the Jeffrey Epstein scandal alive even after disheartening 2008 plea deal .

Edwards represented plaintiffs in 2009 who filed suit to obtain a judgment against Epstein, when it became clear he would not have to meet even the startlingly lenient terms of that plea agreement. And the federal government, which reportedly had a 50-odd-page charge list drafted against Epstein, didn’t weigh in to take things further. Katie Baker. The usual reporting at the New York Times and other mainstream media has, as I said, been at pains to link Epstein to Trump.

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