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homestuck liveblog

My name is Adam, I will occassionally liveblog Homestuck so I don't get hunted for sport.

i mean CA is kinda pushy and i dont like them….but the last line made me realize that damn ur right, this is kinda how 13 year old romance used to be (idk about now tbh but it was like that in the past als idk about u but i REALLY liked that line delivery too)…anyways, nobody knew what they were doing in middle school. homestuck liveblog mspaintadventures worm parahumans wildbow worm liveblog 9 notes Mar 13th, 2020 Calliope left Candyland, who’s narrating? due to spoilers, u can ask stuff through my gf on the ask here! Video.

Monday’s RWBY is still on though, unless my arm falls off.

In late May I’ll have to stop _again_ since I’m leaving on holiday for about three weeks but there’s time for a liveblog or two before that. This cosmology is getting hard to track, even for an obsessive blogger type. I know very little about all of them, the premise at most, so I leave the final choice in your hands! Photo. Until next time!

join me while i liveblog homestuck^2 * please don't give me spoilers unless i ask!! | Back to Top ↑. especially since you were only coming to terms with your identity, what you liked and discovering yourself for the first time. The first liveblogging session is already available on my Patreon in early access, along with my liveblog and review of the first episode of One Piece. claiming someone as your boyfriend/girlfriend without knowing what to do or how things worked out, bc you only saw it as the necessary thing so you experimented with relationships. come join! Shouldn’t you be part of Ultimate Dirk? I’m hoping to be back before December. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, damn this means a lot for someone who is a lesbian herself and didnt even know homestuck had gays to start with lol so i am EXCITED. Homestuck 2 Liveblog: Part 2. by Daniel Kelly on November 25, 2019 at 5:23 am.

I cleaned up my environment somewhat and socialized with friends over the internet. we also have a discord!!

Anyway, Dirk convinces Jake to get back with Jane in order to spy on her for the resistance. Pre-retcon, too, in fact. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

I love how Jake is wearing a Tuxedo and a cummerbund but also a logo T-shirt. Okay. Don't say we didn't warn you. Oh hey, Homestuck 2 updated again. well gay stuff besides subtext or jokes during the comic… but they rlly fucking called this one out and actually blatantly said “kanaya has a girl crush” so i have LARGE EXPECTATIONS NOW.

About 8,000 pages. Jake English is having a normal-ass dream! Subtle Ominous Foreshadowing Alert: Transparent Ghost Dirk in front of the stripy blue tv background makes him look like a hologram, and his glasses have a distinctly red tint, instead of Dirk’s normal orange, associating Brain Ghost Dirk with Hal, Dirk’s auto-responder. (it’s multiple choice so vote for as many as you want!). :), (If your suggestion didn’t make the list it’s because I have already watched it). thats what im getting from this?? i have my fav/least fav characters but theyre all kids so i dont think i could physically HATE, k im calling it quits for tonight i went for 2 hrs when i said only 1 LOL ill continue sometime this week, i dont rlly have much to say here but i did laugh, man u know its legit when karkat calls u out on it, but also hmmmm dont like ur attitude sweaty. (worth it!) EDIT: I forgot to mention that the poll will run for a week. I FUCKING HOPE OH GOD I GENUINLY RLLY HOPE ITS EXPLORED OR KANAYA GETS A GIRLFRIEND AND ITS NOT COMPLICATED OR RUINED OR FUCKED UP BC THATLL BE SO FUCKING GREAT!!!!! I literally just watched a John Oliver Chiijohn segment, and I’m reading the narration in the voice of that narrator, which makes this way funnier.

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