meta decks hearthstone
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meta decks hearthstone

People have told me to play arena but i usually only end up getting 3 -4 wins if im lucky im just lost hope you can help, All you can do is do your quests daily and change them from 40 gold questd.

While there's a few people who will be playing old versions of decks still, you will find for the most part that people are trying a whole bunch of new stuff, this makes each game more exciting by not knowing what is going to come out of their list next! The Dragon version is more minion based and obviously tilts their synergy towards Dragons. OH MyHEAVINS there Goes his DR SHROOM”””. It of 41 sample games. I’m not saying that this is perfect, but I think that it should be closer than HSReplay. If they have one on board and you soul mirror it (instant concede) ???? Plus, aggro decks are half the dust price of a control deck. Of course!
# 1x (8) Power of Creation Here it says Tempo Demon hunter is best, but Hsreplay says Galakrond warlock is best.

I have a question, are all tier one decks equally strong or is it strongest deck on top then gets weaker as it goes down?

Odd Quest Warrior is tier 1 ? Now, to be ocmpletely hoenst, it’s been a pain in the ass to gt all the ‘regular/classic’ cards back for Warlock especially, for some reason, but as of now, and I only started playing again when Un’Goro came out (2/3 weeks beforehand maybe? I come only to rated rank 17 with it. Druid can easily win if they put pressure and Warriors don’t draw their AoEs in time. And to be honest, your experience is pretty curious. Paladin went back to the sea and aligned itself with their Murloc buddies again for another round of hounding players. IF the new, more aggressive builds take over I will definitely merge them into one archetype and start calling both Mech Hunter. And finally – you’ve got Galakrond, the Unspeakable for “infinite” value. This is your personal tier list? Its irritating af. Scholomance. And please add all the decks on Top Standard Deck, because they are still standard decks and you have an Off-Meta section for a reason.

Outside of those, it mostly relies on cards it generates. The class has a pretty weak Classic set, which means that it relies heavily on the expansion cards. If Control Warrior is the highest winrate archetype, and it plays a bunch of cards that no other archetypes use, then naturally all of those cards that only see play in Control Warrior will have a very high winrate. Still I know how to destroy them easy now early.

Even Priest’s Hero Power seemed designed for value, its only advantage over Armor Up being that you could heal your minions to get more and better value trades with them. These are the things Quest Warlock players would know because they know their matchups. Craft the rogue quest if you think it looks like fun (it is) – but don’t craft it specifically to climb the ladder. Big Spell Mage is basically Highlander Mage, just NOT highlander and features Naga Sand Witch, which makes it theoretically tier 2. Hey, what you said is not right. I’d probably play 2x Mark of the Loa as a budget option, but the deck will lose a lot of late game punch if you replace both of those. (, Honestly Aggro is more boring. Every other class had at least one viable deck at any time.

It’s not on here because it doesn’t really belong on here. We include the best deck list for each archetype, as well as a short description. And here I am smiling after warning about Embiggen druid’s power before it became popular and after getting mocked for saying that priest Galakrond is not bad at all

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