robinhood account hacked
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robinhood account hacked

Better chance they just figured out a weak password.

Did you get an email when a new bank account was added? I am in need of some real help. The weird thing is that there is no record of a password change in my email. He said that all my stock positions were sold on Sat June 20, 20 after hours and that I sent an email to Robinhood support on Monday.

Please give it a thumps up and 500 coins if you are generous..LOL…Jk.. Has anyone had success with Robinhoods support email? Mitm would be unlikely. And I also need them to write in the letter that my account’s money were not withdrawn and will not be withdrawn in the future. You don't mention having MFA enabled so... Gotcha. Now I'm waiting for another response after I requested that they reactivate it.
I did not see me account’s balance at this time. I worried and emailed to RH support again, told them that I need my account’s investigation complete by July 10th, 20. And even if they had your bearer token, it would eventually expire. Even doing a packet Capture on the public WiFi while doing a man in the middle to intercept your communications is going the extra mile. Recovered back to before when the account was not hacked. I’ve done this with a lot of businesses and often gotten quicker customer service action. The stock market in and of itself is actually susceptible to hacking as well. It is just in secure.

I continue to send email to RH support without using the App but no Reply. If so how long does it take to get a reply? I really wish I knew. I also saw that an unknown bank was linked to my account, and the hacker attempted to transfer money into that bank account. You can't go to court because you have already signed an agreement with them that you won't bring anything to court but mediate at FINRA.
Investing for Everyone. And the stocks in the account were sold in the market on the same day, Jun 20th (most of my account value are stock holding). This is a sub for rookies of stock market trading!

The frustrating thing about Robinhood is that because they don't have a customer service phone line, I had to send a message explaining what happened and wait for a response. It may well have been a weak password. July 8th, I emailed again asking them to specifically response to my letter sent on July 6th. And wrote and sent what transactions was not authorized by me and gave RH 10 more business days to finish recover my money. Perhaps both. Does anyone know if going to Robinhood HQ would be my best option to get something done? If not, someone has access to your email. If anyone has any answers or thoughts to the questions or just any advice in general it will be greatly appreciated. Never in any danger, the money would’ve had to sit for RH’s 5-year holding process before they’d allow withdrawal. Before I hung up the phone, I asked him to verify that the money still in the account and the account were freezed no future withdrawn will allowed. The Friday July 3rd, 2020, I just sent to RH a letter of complaint to #Robinhood compliance and investigation department on my case and set RH a specific date, July 10, 2020 (Two weeks from the date I was at their HQ) to complete the investigation (Note: FINRA recommended to write a compliance letter to brokerage firm ASAP to help with FINRA your claim), July 6, 20: At this time, I was not able to login my account and did not know what were still in my account and the investigation team have not contacted me yet. !. I replied with the account verification but did not know if the account specialist has freezed my account or not and no reply from RH that my account has been freezed. Emailed Robinhood and haven't received a useful response.

I tried to reset my password and the app did not send email to my email address. I have not yet, I think I will do that at this point and I'm wondering if I should take it to a news outlet. Thank you! Get prove you have done everything you could to freeze the account. But this time I actually need to know since I’m too new to this, is there actually a holding process with RH? I hope this help you get your money back and do what you need to do. RH account specialists talked to me on the phone about my account.

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