secret space program website
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secret space program website

Anglia TV was immediately bombarded with calls from alarmed viewers. An example of being tricked, even with very good, very clear, up to date 'evidence' and photographic evidence. Can he learn to operate technology half a century ahead of what he has been trained for in time to be an asset? Jack didn't say anything about 'accepting anything anyone tells you'. He's ignorant, and he'll probably stay that way. You, the same as many religious people before you, can implore me to suspend critical thought and reason all you like mate, it's not going to happen. Written by Rev. ....Millions of years ahead in THINKING, as they the tribes people have not advanced in thinking when both of us had started out from caves people the same time! Critics of Gary McKinnon’s case question why he didn’t download or screen capture any of these images.

We already know today by past contact in this scenario already what the result is, but just say if we were millions of years ahead, the outcome would be much different than today’s contact with primitives.

are like science fiction, except they are real. Do you? Whilst the U.S. military has long run black budgets, the amount of unaccounted money that would be required to construct bases on the Moon and Mars would be eye-wateringly vast. In 2007, Col. Yves Blin of the French Department of Defence announced some very intriguing data gathered by their Graves space radar system. And was their technology and progress far more advanced than NASA’s public space missions? Makes the Earth Defense Force come alive. As for your..."UK v's US English spelling" I sometimes change my own spell check from USA to UK myself, When I type for example, 'realise', it changes it to 'realize' but I change it back to UK spelling. She heard chatter that the Apollo astronauts had observed artificial structures and even spacecraft on the moon. Some ex-employees of NASA, the military, and its defense contractors have come forward in recent years with evidence that supports the secret space program theory. As an example of another place you've gotten it wrong to another poster. Much of Alternative 3 was, then, based in fact. Hope you understand my meaning :O). The same as the UFO over Jerusalem. Many now believe the fictional events portrayed in the show subversively reflect reality.

Conspiracy theorists worldwide speculate on the many presumed secrets of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, or NASA. Maybe you should re-read your post too, the bit about 'actively engage in critical thought'. Sounds like an interesting read. Related Corey Goode: Disclosure Needs Your Spiritual Awakening | Above Majestic Producer Exclusive Interview Watch Documentary Above Majestic: Implications of a Secret Space Program. I was only 2 years old in 1942, but I'm kinda surprised my parents never heard about this! Amature Either you're misunderstood, supposedly because of UK v's US English spelling, or your spell checker automatically changes it to US, rendering the first excuse untrue. Would those much advanced humans treat them like us towards insects for example? However, when accessing NASA’s official photo archive of the mission, he was unable to find the photos.

I think that already happened! If I'm slow to catch on, it's because you're just making sh1t up that is nonsensical.

Are the space programs of the global superpowers really far more advanced than is admitted to the public? From his vast 3 min knowledge he's able to lump everyone who may have genuine anomalous experiences within every field as making things up, or plain stupid. And also UFO's (IFO's as alien craft) are in US skies day & night, why play the ufo cover game in their own country, unless they think they will be suspect, because no UFO's seen in the USA. It's no wonder if I got a different meaning to what was intended, your post showed your grasp of written English is on a par with your faulty logic. ;). I couldn't keep up. Here is what you said; However, this particular 'documentary' didn't contain any of the 'highly respected' people you mention. ....Ok, I hope when you do get see an IFO that is piloted by EBE's, (you get the chance to see the occupants too) just remember me then! Disrespectful bunch. The man appeared disturbed. I totally accept there are very weird UFO's seen. I'm not interested in conversing with you any further, your illogical, unsubstantial babble is now boring me. Whilst not evidence for Alternative 3, it did prove the existence of a clandestine space program of a kind. You have nothing substantial to offer on this matter, only dubious anecdotal evidence, disjointed and uncertain English, and defective, faulty logic. New hypotheses are not exempt from scrutiny or logical evaluation the same as religion shouldn't be, however much the idea may appeal to some, or however much they declare they have to be correct, via their own 'personal revelations'. Any BS artist can do it.

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