subnautica marguerit
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subnautica marguerit

It contains edible flora that can be harvested and grown by the player. Marguerit and Paul didn't get along well and argued often about where to establish themselves. In the end Marguerit had her way and they set up habitats in the Jellyshroom Cave and later in the Deep Grand Reef. Marguerit Maida's Base is a Seabase built at an unspecified time and occupied by Marguerit Maida, located in a cave below the Purple Vents biome on top of a large rock pinnacle.

Marguerit Maida was a highly experienced mercenary and former member of the Trans System Federation, hired by Paul Torgal to protect the Degasi from pirate raids. Entrances to the cave system can be found along the edges of the Lilypad Islands and Tree Spires. Initially, the door to the greenhouse will be locked, and will not open until … On the journey Paul decided that a detour to 4546B may allow him to acquire some valuable materials which resulted in the Degasi being fired on and crash landing. Marguerit Maida is a Mongolian-born former freelance security guard. She was hired by Paul Torgal as a guard on the Degasi which was travelling to a space station. Marguerit's Greenhouse is a base built by Marguerit Maida located on a large iceberg in the North East of the Arctic biome. Marguerit wished to go deeper into the sea, but Paul wanted to remain on the Floating Island.

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