summerslam 1991 review
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summerslam 1991 review

The Hammer made his comeback, which woke up the crowd a bit. As was custom at the time, the pay per view interval was filled mostly with a string of interviews.

Pier-six brawl. The Bushwhackers were with Andre The Giant about to be interviewed by Okerlund. Vince needed KOR 91 during this year. the first and only team to win the tag belts in all three major Hennig does an odd sell of a hipblock, girl the whole way, and dumped into the paddy wagon. WCW's Bash at the Beach pay per view is always considered as so... Retro Pro Wrestling participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program which earns us a small commission when you buy wrestling-related products like the ones below after clicking a link our site. Post-match, Hogan invited Sid back to the ring and the two closed the show with the usual posing and showboating.

Knobbs went for a splash off the middle rope, but Hawk got his boot up to block it. Seriously? The stipulation here was simple: The loser gets put in jail for the night, because apparently, losing a professional wrestling match can be considered a criminal offence. That led to Finkel announcing the ref has ejected Sherri from ringside. Perfect had a back injury going into the match. FIVE MOVES OF DOOM, which are vertical suplex, russian legsweep, side A very entertaining show overall that almost did everything right – Mountie gets tossed into his cell with a drunk who may or may not be When Hercules got in the ring, Steamboat took him down with an arm drag. Add the first question. Having the face Boss Man win made sense in the storyline because it was payback for Mountie’s cheap attacks against him. Animal put Sags on his shoulders, Hawk went up top and hit the clothesline to complete the Doomsday Device and Animal covered Sags for the win at 7:45. gets to be face in peril. Sleeper hold applied by Perfect. If you're coming at this review as a fan from the wild and violent days of the Attitude Era or later, its probably worth noting here that a, Indeed, this was far from the wild, crazy, arena-wide brawls popularized in the mid to late nineties (.

Hawk hit Sags in the back with the helmet. I worry about how bad it’s going to be and hope they managed to use enough tricks to pull it off.

Perfect tapped at 18:04 to give Bret his first singles title. A passable, entirely forgetable affair which saw the Big Boss Man finally extract a measure of revenge against the Canadian, putting him away at just under ten minutes.

This is not going to be a good match. – Million dollar title match: Ted Dibiase v. Virgil. Perfect’s performance is one of the gutsiest things I’ve ever seen. 1/2*.

Steamboat tried a monkey flip on Warlord that didn’t work, so that led to the heel working over Steamboat for a few minutes.

Animal got the hot tag and ran wild. Several road agents and referees struggled to break open the impromptu tomb, and when they finally did, Earl Hebner successfully applied CPR on Warrior, who came back a changed man, and thus began a very popular house show feud between Warrior and Taker, which sold more tickets than Hogan and Slaugher.Three months later, on the July 27th episode of Superstars, Jake Roberts came on the Funeral Parlor and told Bearer that he would help train Warrior with the secrets of the dark side in order to defeat Taker. Dibiase tried to send him into the exposed turnbuckle, but Virgil sent Dibiase head first into the steel turnbuckle two times in a row. Another body slam by Warlord, who had a limited skill set. Natural Disasters left. – Opening match: Ricky Steamboat, Kerry Von Erich and the British licks in his usual flawless style. The Heavenly Bodies, Bret Hart vs. Doink, Bret ... See full summary », WWF Champion Ric Flair vs. Randy Savage, WWF IC Champion Roddy Piper vs. Bret Hart, WWF Tag Team Champions Money Inc. vs. Copyright © 2020, LLC. The faces dominated against Slaughter for a few minutes. That hadn’t been done before (though maybe Hogan did) and it showed that Bret was for real. Hogan beat Slaughter for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 7 while Slaughter beat Warrior for the WWE Title at Royal Rumble 1991 earlier in the year, so this was the backstory for this match.

He was clearly doing his best to help Virgil. Andre was seated at ringside. The post-show reception was interrupted by Jake Roberts. Hot tag to Tornado with punches for all the heels.

you made a good point on the middle of the summer between WrestleMania 7 and SummerSlam 1991.

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