continuation diamond (bullish pattern)
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continuation diamond (bullish pattern)

Copyright © Ltd All rights resderved. A good rule of thumb is that the inbound trend should be at least 2 times the duration of the pattern. A good rule of thumb is that the target price must indicate a potential return of greater than 5% before a pattern should be considered useful. The analysis and discussion provided on Moneymunch is for your education and entertainment only, it is not recommended for trading purposes.

It represents a temporary battle between buyers and sellers. This pattern forms several months and it looks the price is ready to get out of he diamond with target price of $72 and above and stop loss at 10.26% below current price. Diamond patterns can be applied in every time frame and in every asset class with adequate liquidity (stocks, Possible breakdown in Greek stock exchange, Application of a simple strategy in EUR/USD, Short term downtrend in Greek stock exchange. A Continuation Diamond (Bullish) is regarded a bullish signal, showing that the existing uptrend may continue. The Diamond pattern is a rare, but reliable chart pattern. The Technical Analysis occurs when prices break upward out of the diamond formation to continue the prior uptrend. Because of the fact that the diamond pattern can signal continuation or reversal, the entry point is when the price will break the upper or the lower line (E or H on the EUR/USD chart).

In this example, outliers A and B hide the diamond shape. The Trending123 Pattern Recognition Scan is one of the most interactive and informative tools available to subscribers, and its accessible 24 hours a day right here on Super , duper analysis Mam. Last Updated : Jul 14, 2019 11:20 AM IST | Source: Subscribe to PRO at just Rs.33 per month.

A shallow inbound trend may indicate a period of consolidation before the price move indicated by the pattern begins. A lack of a volume throughout the pattern is an indication that this pattern may not be reliable. If you are thinking about a long-term trading possibility, see for a structure using a longer duration. The analysis and discussion provided on Moneymunch is for your education and entertainment only, it is not recommended for trading purposes.

If you are considering a longer-term trading opportunity, look for a pattern with a longer duration.

Trading & Education in Options, Futures, Stocks, Forex, The diamond chart pattern can signal a bullish or a bearish, Of course, irrelevantly of the profit target someone must manage the trade by continuously readjusting the. Diamonds in bear markets do best with a falling volume trend.

They are further subdivided under categories of Upward Breakout and Downward Breakout. A shallow inbound trend may indicate a period of consolidation before the price move indicated by the pattern begins.

), John Lansing has created multimedia tutorials that walk you through every aspect of this dynamic tool. Thank you for a simple but workable SMS commodity alerts.

The shorter the pattern the sooner the price move. By using this site you agree to the Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Disclaimer | Sitemap. The commentary on Moneymunch reflects the opinions of contributing certified & other authors. What is the Pattern Recognition Scan?

Guru, I must thank you for taking someone who knew nothing and educating me to the point where I have... It's Free!

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