fiat logo
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fiat logo

Now with a more showy design to give a certain idea of ​​being retro, but also innovative. Starting 1932 the brand changed the shape of the logo from circle to rectangular, which is after being modified into a shield-like emblem with a thick silver frame and bold big letter of the wordmark in a custom typeface, located on a red background. In 1922 the logo became fancier — the framing is now silver with a leaves ornament, and the wordmark is colored red, placed on a white background. This is a 3D version of the 1972 logo used in advertisements and in the cars themselves.

The new logo will be adopted by Fiat and Chrysler as soon as practicable and before completion of the reorganization of the new Group. It was a metal plate styled on a sheet of parchment, where the name of the venture was engraved. Discover: ALL MODELS. At that time, the logo letters were located on a blue background. Download and like our article.

You will also receive recommendations about when to shift gear and when the car is driving in Neutral (which means without fuel consumption, under 30 km/h)..

Fiat Logo Black And White. There were slight changes made to the logo during this time period, but they all were mainly about the color scheme. The retired officer Giovanni Anyelli who became the managing director of the company in 1902, was its key figure and the co-investor. However, the metallic separation between each parallelogram remained (only on the car badge) until 1991.

We have 87 free Fiat vector logos, logo templates and icons. It was composed of a gold rectangular with vignettes on its sides and angles and the lettering, saying the whole name of the brand and its shortened, Fiat, version, underneath it. ALL MODELS. It was first founded as ‘Fabbrica Italiana Automobil Torino – F.I.A.T” by Giovanni Agnelli and several other investors.

It consisted of large FIAT letters which stood for Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili Torino on blue background. There was an inscribed silver line between every separate letter located on the blue background.

Fiat Logo Icon Png 26 images of fiat logo icon png .

Now Fiat logo has a shield-like shape with the message of ongoing change, with the company’s name surrounded by laurel leaves. It was composed of a gold rectangular with vignettes on its sides and angles and the lettering, saying the whole name of the brand and its shortened, Fiat, version, underneath it. Genuine Fiat 500 Side Panel … These five tracks represent the same tracks that separate the letters from the 1972 logo. In 1968 the "rhomboid" logo (as it was known internally) was introduced which featured the FIAT initials spelled out on four interconnected rhombuses . Tipo. Current: Abarth | Alfa Romeo | Chrysler | Dodge (Viper, Hellcat, Demon) | Fiat (Professional) | Iveco | Jeep | Lancia | Maserati | Mopar | Ram, Former/defunct: Autobianchi | Barreiros | Ceirano | Eagle | Ferrari | Innocenti | Pegaso | Plymouth | SCAT | Simca | Seddon Atkinson | S.P.A. | S.T.A.R. It depicted bold letters FIAT on blue background which stood for Fabbrica Italiana di Automobili Torino. It is a reflection of the brand’s value of design and quality, its free spirit and its vision. It was composed of gold lettering, placed on a light blue rectangular, which was located on a dark blue background decorated with gold ornaments. Current: FCA US | FCA Italy | Comau | Fiat Argentina | Fiat Auto Poland (former FSM) | Fiat Automobiles Serbia | Fiat Powertrain Technologies | Magneti Marelli | Teksid (84.8%) | VM Motori, Former: Fiat Industrial | Fiat S.p.A. | Chrysler-Plymouth | Jeep-Eagle | AMC, Joint ventures

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