nobles and greenough boarding school
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nobles and greenough boarding school

Topics covered during these two semesters are the integral, its methods and applications, the calculus of transcendental functions, vector functions, polar coordinates, infinite series, and differential equations. This course will use the study of literature to examine fundamental questions about leadership: What are the characteristics of effective leaders?

They see connections between the two disciplines, and they recognize important areas of difference. This course continues to develop the skills that have been studied in the previous levels of French. This year-long Precalculus course revisits many topics learned in an Algebra II course; polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric functions.

Offered every other year, this course is devoted entirely to Vergil’s timeless epic, The Aeneid. Synthesis of chemical ideas and connections between theory and practical laboratory experience are emphasized. By working in collaborative groups, students will experience the process of defining a problem, breaking it up into manageable sections, and designing compact, portable code that will solve the problem in a structured and efficient manner.Topics covered will include object-oriented software design and programming, how to code using good style and documentation, implementation of algorithms using conditional statements and loops, common searching and sorting algorithms, and Java library packages and classes within the scope of the AP/AComputer Science subset. Students will be introduced to Noteflight (cloud-based music notation software) and GarageBand (sequencing/production software). Cultural topics range from the baths and the Colosseum to crime and education.

In this advanced chemistry course, students develop an enhanced understanding of their chemical world via food and its preparation. The emphasis is on developing a working knowledge of these tools rather than mastering the complete theory behind the methods. In the fourth quarter, students will execute their project with the support of regular check-ins. The course introduces more Chinese characters as students broaden their range of vocabulary. Students also gain experience in problem solving and model building, deriving theoretical understanding from laboratory observations. This honors course offers a similar beginning to that of Biology, but midway through the first term, the molecular basis for biological phenomena is heavily emphasized, and a more abstract, quantitative approach is used to discuss topics including cellular respiration, photosynthesis, and molecular biology. Through extensive laboratory work, students utilize their computer-programming techniques and an understanding of electronic circuits to implement their engineering projects. Is it possible for satirical writing to change the world? Students will be expected to practice their writing, speaking, and listening skills by communicating exclusively in Spanish. Prerequisites: By Permission of the Department, Prerequisites: Acting I or permission of the department, Prerequisites: Acting I, Acting II, or Introduction to Design for the Theatre. There is one eighty-minute laboratory per week; lab work in this course is more extensive and complex, and involves greater use of instrumentation such as visible spectrophotometers; more emphasis is placed on accurate quantitative results than in first-year chemistry. *Credits will be given as a Science course, This course in astronomy engages students with a big picture view of the universe; topics for discussion include the origin of the universe, the formation of the solar system, stellar evolution, the emergence of life on Earth (and possibly elsewhere), and the historical development of science. Successful completion of this class prepares students for French II. French A combined with French B prepares students for entry into French II. From there, students read the poetry of Ovid’s Metamorphoses. This course stresses understanding the principles of three-dimensional design, mastery of the manual skills of ceramics, creative problem solving, and developing the ability for critical analysis. Students learn material both by ear and by use of traditional guitar notation. This year of Spanish combined with Spanish A is the equivalent of Spanish I. Spanish I is an introduction to the language and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. This course completes the Modern Language requirement for graduation.
The course will challenge the imaginations of all involved and will employ readings of, attendance at, and written responses to Nobles productions. Students will learn and develop dance technique necessary for musical theatre performance as well as express themselves and tell stories through movement. This course is not designed to prepare students for the SAT Subject Test in Biology. 3 of 78. Athens was an intellectual hotbed, fostering history, philosophy, drama, new art forms, and democracy. In addition, a great deal of emphasis is placed on current events in the Francophone world.

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