nondual synonym
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nondual synonym

When everything is going your way and you’re getting everything you want – if the seeking mechanism is working for you – why would you question your reality? Within the experience of suffering you’ll always find seeking. The present moment is the only moment that can keep you happy. Understanding of nondualism is not very easy, it can get complicated for people who are just starting with spiritual principles. If we begin to have faith in this thought and realize this internally, we would probably stop seeing the world through the prism of duality. Life is not a series of present moments, but a single present moment, with infinite depths. Transpersonal definition is - extending or going beyond the personal or individual. Thanks to Nic Higham of Nonduality Network. We can talk and argue about non-duality concepts until we are blue in the face, we can argue about who is right and who is wrong and who is more ‘nondualistic’, but we would really be missing the point of all this. Take the help of a teacher who can guide you and you can take the journey inwards. Ask anybody on the street what they are looking for, and they’ll probably say they’re looking for peace, happiness, success, popularity, power, love, acceptance, understanding, fame, glory. Why is this happening to me? It’s what is already here prior to concepts. Definition of nondual in the dictionary. Most answers lie within us. Thought creates opposites but in reality there are no opposites.

Who you really are, as the ocean, does not come and go. non-duality is not in time. ‘Up and down’, ‘this or that’, ‘inside and outside’, ‘right and wrong’, ‘black and white’, ‘true and false’, ‘positive and negative’, ‘me and you’ and so on. But at the same time it’s not opposed to the personal, because that would be another story! Rooted in that knowing that this is impossible to put into words, we are still free to play with words. Everything is already appearing inpresence. Be what you are, a conscious being and don’t stray away from yourself.”.

But what tends to happen is that it sooner or later life stops going your way! You’ve never smelled anything that wasn’t smelled now.

When you look within yourself and quiet your mind, you begin to experience what many call consciousness awareness. When we know that our consciousness is our experience of the world, we actually tend to find more happiness and satisfaction within ourselves. The numerical value of nondual in Chaldean Numerology is: 4, The numerical value of nondual in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9. It is a way of life through which everything is considered one consciousness (also called Brahman). Is it possible to capture non-duality into words? That screen is you. This is impossible to understand logically or rationally. Every wave that appears contains the ocean.

STANDS4 LLC, 2020. It can also be considered the very fabric of our existence. She has traveled most of India by road, and encourage other women to take such life-changing journeys. The whole this-that perspective of things has taken us far from reality. Like the word ‘non-duality’, presence is just another pointer to life as it is. You need to see it for yourself within your own present experience because that’s all there is.

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