rómulo y remo
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rómulo y remo

Ancient historians had no doubt that Romulus gave his name to the city. En la cronología actual la fecha de la fundación de Roma se fijó el 21 de abril de 753 a. C. Esta fecha era el año 0 para el Imperio romano, ya que se la tomaba como punto de referencia para fechar eventos en el mundo romano.

One could visit the Lupercal, where the twins were suckled by the she-wolf, or offer worship to the deified Romulus-Quirinus at the "shepherd's hut", or see it acted out on stage, or simply read the Fasti.

Cuenta la tradición que Eneas, uno de los líderes de la Guerra de Troya, reunió a los supervivientes tras la destruccion de la mítica ciudad (en la actual Turquía) para navegar el Mediterráneo rumbo a las costas de Italia donde podrían reorganizar su vida. When they could not resolve the dispute, they agreed to seek the gods' approval through a contest of augury. Notificarme los nuevos comentarios por correo electrónico.

Their descent from the Roman god of war predestines them as helpers on the way to war.

[24] Starting with Pictor, the written accounts must have reflected the commonly-held history of the city to some degree, as were not free to make things up. Instead, Romulus, upon being told of his true identity and the crimes suffered by him and his family at the hands of the Alban king, simply decided to avenge them. Thus the picture served — along with five other ones — to influence "wyrd", the fortune and fate of a warrior king.[30]. p. 7 parentage 4 p. 8 survival. Quintus Fabius Pictor's work became authoritative to the early books of Livy's Ab Urbe Condita, Dionysius of Halicarnassus's Roman Antiquities, and Plutarch's Life of Romulus.[11].

Over time, they became natural leaders and attracted a company of supporters from the community. 6 p. 11 (the beginning only) the augury and fratricide. Particular versions and collations were presented by Roman historians as authoritative, an official history trimmed of contradictions and untidy variants to justify contemporary developments, genealogies and actions in relation to Roman morality. Se decía que habían sido educados en Gabio, centro cultural del Lacio; más tarde se dedicaron al bandolerismo.

Acabará divinizado y adorado bajo la advocación de Quirino. Creó el senado, compuesto por cien miembros (patres) cuyos descendientes fueron llamados patricios y dividió la población en 30 curias (congregaciones). Organizó unas pruebas deportivas a las que invitó a una población vecina y que aprovechó para raptar a sus mujeres (el Rapto de las sabinas).

Most modern historians believe his name a back-formation from the name Rome; the basis for Remus's name and role remain subjects of ancient and modern speculation. In Roman mythology, Romulus and Remus (/ˈrɒmjʊləs, -jəl- ... ˈriːməs/) are twin brothers whose story tells the events that led to the founding of the city of Rome and the Roman Kingdom by Romulus.

Cumpliendo el juramento, Rómulo lo mató.

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