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satellite warrior yugipedia

I imagine it's Synchro Summon would be a satellite transforming. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools.

1 Tuner + 1+ non-Tuner monstersOnce per turn, during the Standby Phase: Place 1 Signal Counter on each face-up card in the Field Zone, also place 1 on this card.

このカード名の①②の効果はそれぞれ1ターンに1度しか使用できない。①:自分の墓地からモンスターが特殊召喚された場合に発動できる。このカードを手札から特殊召喚する。②:元々のカード名に「ウォリアー」、「シンクロン」、「スターダスト」の内、いずれかを含むSモンスターが自分のフィールド・墓地に存在する場合に発動できる。このカードのレベルはターン終了時まで4になる。. Gathering dreams empower the sentry that orbits my home!

William Posted by Sun Ya Quan at 3:50 AM 7 comments: Home. Se hai un Mostro Synchro con "Guerriero", "Synchron" o "Polvere di Stelle" nel suo nome originale sul tuo Terreno o nel tuo Cimitero: puoi far diventare 4 il Livello di questa carta fino alla fine di questo turno. You can only use each effect of "Satellite Warrior" once per turn. The summoning requirements are any Tuner and any number of non-Tuner Synchros, it’s generic even though it needs a Synchro, but you can find generic ones for that.

If you have a Synchro Monster with "Warrior", "Synchron", or "Stardust" in its original name on your field or GY: You can make this card's Level become 4 until the end of this turn. Once per turn: You can remove 4, 7, or 10 Signal Counters from anywhere on the field; apply this effect, depending on the number removed.● 4: Inflict 800 damage to your opponent.

If a monster(s) is Special Summoned from your GY (except during the Damage Step): You can Special Summon this card from your hand.

Low stats for a Level 10, but DARK is nice and Warrior makes sense given the name. September 2020 F&L List – Losses and Gains. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. Dat Image Is Now Burned Into My Anime Brain...EPIC! Puoi utilizzare ogni effetto di "Satellite Synchron" una sola volta per turno. This card with a Signal Counter(s) cannot be destroyed by battle or your opponent's card effects. youtube link - Japanese (This Special Summon is treated as a Synchro Summon. ARE YOU LOOKING AT THIS, MAN? Become the path its light shines upon! Si vous avez un Monstre Synchro avec "Guerrier", "Synchronique" ou "Poussière d'Étoile" dans son nom d'origine sur votre Terrain ou Cimetière : jusqu'à la fin de ce tour, vous pouvez faire devenir 4 le Niveau de cette carte. He was raised by his adoptive mother Martha alongside other orphans like Jack and Crow.

LORD M2A’s EDLICH DRAGUN INVOKED 3 DECK ON EDOPRO. Name Lore; French: Guerrier de Poussière d'Étoile: 1 Monstre Synchro Syntoniseur + 1 Monstre Synchro non-Syntoniseur ou plus Durant le tour de chaque joueur, si votre adversaire va Invoquer Spécialement un ou plusieurs monstres : vous pouvez Sacrifier cette carte ; annulez l'Invocation, et si vous le faites, détruisez ces monstres. Du kannst jeden Effekt von „Satellitensynchron“ nur einmal pro Spielzug verwenden. Se você tiver um Monstro Sincro com "Guerreiro", "Sincron" ou "Poeira Estelar" em seu nome original no seu campo ou Cemitério: você pode fazer com que o Nível deste card se torne 4 até o final deste turno. Rise up, Satellite Warrior! Synchro Summon! Does not require specific Synchro Materials,, 1 Syntoniseur + 1+ monstre non-Syntoniseur, 1 Regulador + 1+ monstros não-Reguladores, 1 Cantante + 1+ monstruos que no sean Cantantes. It has been about one year since its catastrophic appearance in the OCG, and has now debuted in the TCG. Yusei Fudo (不動 遊星, Fudō Yūsei) is a young man who was born in the Tops district of New Domino City, but ended up at the nearby Satellite due to an incident which killed his parents while he was still a toddler. 이 카드의 레벨은 턴 종료시까지 4 가 된다. Falls du ein Synchromonster mit „Krieger“, „Synchron“ oder „Sternenstaub“ in seinem Grund-Namen auf deiner Spielfeldseite oder in deinem Friedhof hast: Du kannst die Stufe dieser Karte bis zum Ende dieses Spielzugs zu 4 werden lassen. Shooting Star. You can only use each effect of "Satellite Warrior" once per turn . DM / Yu-Gi-Oh in the beginning wasn't about archetypes but monsters, so Yugi and Kaiba's decks were iconic due of the ace monsters (DM and BEWD) rather than the entire deck who were a tutti-frutti (Although Yugi has other iconic monsters like Summoned Skull, Curse of Dragon, Celtic Guardian and Beaver Warrior, and Kaiba has Vorse Kaiser, Saggi the Dark Clown and Virus cards). Your saved card can be found on the saved cards page of the database.


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