scary facts about minnesota
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scary facts about minnesota

It's earned this through hosting a four-day magic convention every summer, a Magician's Walk of Fame, a magic-oriented museum, and a Magic Capital Cemetery—which is the final resting place of no fewer than 28 magicians. Whether the stories are true is up to you to discover. The inscription on the stones purports to be a record left behind by Scandinavian explorers in the mid-14th century, who came exploring west from Vinland, made camp, and went fishing on a nearby lake, only to return and find their camp-mates slaughtered (presumably by local natives). This state is lousy with mammoth bones. Aw geez, is there any state in the U.S. that should be less creepy than Minnesota? Before statehood, Minnesota comprised the eastern part of the Minnesota Territory. One of the cemetery's most famous ghosts is the apparition of a young boy. If you see a Sasquatch stomping around Texas, don't be afraid to pull out your sidearm. The retail price was $13.50. The only thing? They're making it up. They were worried about the ballooning costs, pollution, and other side effects that could result. North Dakota: Big chain pharmacies aren't welcome. The approximately 440 million-year-old Beemerville volcano, located in Sussex County is no longer active but does offer some attractive hiking trails and has become a desirable area in which to buy property, too. And if you're brave, you can stay in one of its most haunted rooms! Get more stories delivered right to your email. 13. Which one of these surprised you the most? The Hawaiian language, ʻŌlelo HawaiʻI, consists of just 13 letters (five vowels and eight consonants). If you linger long enough, you may just discover whether the stories are true. Enter your e-mail address for things to do, restaurants to try and much more! There are many versions of the story, but a few facts are accepted by all.

Other reports say that lights come on by themselves. You’ll have to see for yourself when you visit this beautiful historic church. The most recent was a weak quake near Alexandria on April 29th, 2011. A 4,000-year-old complex known as America's Stonehenge serves as an astronomical calendar and includes inscriptions in Ogham, Phoenician, and Iberian Punic Script. Washington: This state has more glaciers than the other 47 contiguous states combined.

Love Minnesota? In New Haven, the spot known as Louis' Lunch served the first hamburger in 1900. Emma Sarah Etine Edwards, the daughter of a former Missouri governor who settled in Idaho, won an 1890 contest with her design of a woman representing liberty and a man in miner's garb, as well as elk horns and mountains as well as the Latin phrase "Esto Perpetua," meaning "in perpetuity." This ominous complex, perched on a hill overlooking the freeway in the Duluth area, was built in 1912.

Minnesota really does have more shoreline than California.

New York: The New York City Subway is always a mere hours away from a devastating flood. That jiggly dessert voted "most likely to remain uneaten" at any holiday gathering? Even spookier, it comes complete with an old graveyard. 28 Most Enduring Myths in American History.

And along the road, a ghostly woman has been said to wander its lonely stretches. One visitor reported feeling a hand on his shoulder, only to turn around and find he was completely by himself! The town's Ferguson Cemetery is the final resting place for many who have passed since 1869. Many believe the ghosts from that shipwreck still reside in the hotel. Or it might be 20th century hoax created to drive tourism here.

Source: Minnesota Office of Higher Education. Their defense was that she was about to transform into a wendigo, and had to be killed to stop her from killing and eating others. The historic Calumet Inn is full of interesting stories. One only has two (two!!) Source: Minnesota DNR. 1. These men and women were not buried with names marking a grave, just a number on a cast-iron cross.

Each bushel weighs 56 pounds for a total of 33,040,000 tons compared to 365,000 tons for the Empire State Building. It crosses nine of Minnesota's most intriguing abandoned places, including state parks, old banks, and even abandoned mines. Click, At over 800 miles long, this road trip will definitely take a few days to complete. There are many versions of the story, but a few facts are accepted by all. Even if you don't, a hike through the darkened woods that surround this trail will fulfill your need for creepy. Dead Man's Trail is a trek through the woods that, if you want to experience it at its most creepy, is best done at night.

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