sewer shark versions
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sewer shark versions

Sewer Shark is one of the first titles for the Sega CD and one of its best-selling games, leading Sega to eventually bun… Yes This is important because the game has a very simple task – navigate the sewers, kill enemies to collect points (pounds of tubesteak), and once you hit a million you get the final encounter. At one point, Ghost will order you to get ready and fire your weapon during a test. In the future, much of humanity has been forced to live underground. It may not be perfect, but it is interesting and well worth checking out if you ever pick up a Sega CD, especially since you’ll see hundreds for sale in your search for other games. If you assume that this isn't an interactive portion of the game and flub it, Ghost gets totally pissed off at you, fails you, and the game's credits roll. Stenchler..... Robert Costanzo As soon as a cutscene allowed me to, I started recording again and I’m glad I did because for the first time ever, I beat the game. Sewer Shark is a 1992 first-person Rail Shooter that was sold with the ill-fated Sega CD console, and shortly afterwards ported to the equally ill-fated 3DO console (with somewhat higher quality audio and videos than the Sega CD version). TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Girl Friday..... Stevie Sterling Staff. Zerks are enemies that appear at the very end of the game, and because of that are worth literal tons of points. Unfortunately almost every jockey that attempts the trek dies in a sewer crash or by the hands of some mysterious danger in Sector 19, the final stretch before Solar City. Console: Sega-CD/Mega-CD • Director John Dykstra is best known for his special effects on the original "Star Wars" film. To prevent your energy from running out, you need to jump into recharge stations (again, you’ll get a verbal cue) that are either at 3 or 9 o’clock and are indicated with a green light on the ceiling, you have to quickly punch in the direction (there will be no turn indicator) to take the side route and get more energy. ( Log Out /  Podcast RSS feeds Podcast Archive This game does a great job at following the basics of game design: introduce all of the mechanics and gradually make the game harder to test the player. Difficulty: Moderate

Videos A perfect introduction to CD power gaming, Sewer Shark is a maneater!GRAPHICS 5 out of 5 • SOUND 5 out of 5 • CONTROL 5 out of 5 • FUN FACTOR 5 out of 5. Learn how your comment data is processed. Like all other concepts in this game, you should be fine if you miss the first one, but after that you’re tasked with perfection.

I will warn you that every explanation and plot point is dumb and you can actually guess the biggest mystery from the back of the box of certain versions, but until that is revealed it holds your interest well enough.

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