solar windows
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solar windows

HOME CORPORATE TECHNOLOGY MEDIA INVESTORS CONTACT. All of Solar’s product range, to include PVCU / Composite Aluminium Windows, Doors, Composite Fire Doors and Curtain Walling Systems are manufactured to comply with the latest industry standards, using profiles from leading UK premier suppliers of PVCU systems. SolarWindow™ modules are created by applying ultra-thin layers of liquid coatings on to glass and flexible plastics.

But, how does this compare to today’s solar? SolarWindow™ coatings utilize an organic photovoltaic (OPV) solar array composed of ultra-small solar cells, fabricated using mostly hydrogen-carbon based substances.

The Company’s SolarWindow™ technology generates electrical energy when the electricity-generating coating is applied to glass and plastic surfaces. Importantly, our engineers have designed and tested SolarWindow™ to generate electricity from artificial light such as the fluorescent systems found inside offices, schools, and commercial buildings. Are SolarWindow, Inc. shares publicly traded? Here are some of the great reasons to choose Solar Windows for your project, Our in house team of experts ensure every job goes perfectly, Our resources allow us to handle projects of any size, Our in-house customer service team will continue to support you. Our goal is to deliver huge environmental gains, while generating clean, affordable electricity. These spaces are also expected to offer tenant-amenities such as rooftop gardens and pools, and other high-footprint features. When interconnected in a grid-like arrangement, an array of these OPV cells increase the voltage potential and electrical current in a given area.

Solar windows are exactly what their name implies. SolarWindow™ is a novel technology for generating sustainable electricity by collecting light energy from the sun and artificial sources. © 2020 Solar Windows Limited. Solar windows are exactly what they sound like! Works in natural, shaded, and even indoor light. We apply these liquids to surfaces such as flexible plastics and glass to produce see-through products which generate electricity. Vestal, NY – June 3rd, 2020 – SolarWindow Technologies, Inc. (Symbol: WNDW), developer of transparent electricity-generating coatings for glass or plastics, is pleased to announce that recent initiatives to optimize its fabrication processes have resulted in favorable improvements to its laser patterning systems for our electricity-generating coatings on flexible plastics. Because of the family of materials we use and the way in which we architect our design, the final product is generically referred to as an ‘organic photovoltaic solar array’ (OPV). Solar Windows has over 20 years’ experience in the hotel and leisure sector. The result? Solar Windows Ltd follows a simple corporate philosophy; to endeavour to supply quality products, quality services and a desire to provide customer satisfaction. SolarWindow™-Residential – A window glass for installation in new residential homes under construction and replacement windows; SolarWindow™-Flex – Flexible films which may be applied directly on to glass, similar to aftermarket window tint films, for retrofit to existing commercial towers, buildings, and residential homes; and. SolarWindow Technologies invention is understandably kept largely under wraps, but what we do know is this: The solar window coating is a liquid polymer coating composed of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and some other mystery ingredients which form tiny solar cells and arrays (called an “organic photovoltaic solar array”).

Other newer generation, lower-cost, flexible thin film solar materials such as amorphous silicon, copper-indium-gallium-selenide, and cadmium telluride, often require high-vacuum and high-temperature production techniques, and are thick, bulky, and impossible to see through when compared to SolarWindow™.

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