watermelon man movie cast
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watermelon man movie cast

ENTER CITY, STATE OR ZIP CODE GO. © Letterboxd Limited. I probably have mild brain damage to this day! At first, Jeff believes this to be the result of spending too much time under the tanning machine.
And militant in its message, that once you accept race and your position in it, if you are Black, you will inevitably became a militant warrior, readying for a revolution when it comes. Find Where to Watch Watermelon Man and Many More Full-Length Movies From The Best Streaming Services Online. Jeff Gerber, an insurance agent, lives in a typical suburban neighborhood. Just an absolute all-timer. Watermelon Man Photos View All Photos (5) Movie Info. Writers. It’d be too easy to make this a “bad racist white man gets his due” narrative, pandering to a white liberal community with its lack of subtlety. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Watermelon is a 2003 television film directed by Kieron J. Walsh and starring Anna Friel, Jamie Draven, Ciarán McMenamin, Sean McGinley, and Brenda Fricker. Jeff's boss suggests that they could drum up extra business with a "Negro" salesman. Jeff manages to raise the price to $100,000. Jeff presents himself as happy-go-lucky and quite a joker, but others tend to see him as obnoxious and boorish. Columbia was happy with the finished product, and the film was a financial success, leading the studio to offer Van Peebles a three-picture contract.

About an hour into it he popped into the room and said "This movie is pretty cool. Kafka goes to Africa — except not, since this is ingeniously rooted within a specifically American racial experience. Fandango helps you go back to the movies with confidence and peace of mind. Earn 125 points on every ticket you buy.

It’s as inexplicable a plot device as racism itself, brilliantly tuned to an angry, abrasive rhythm of editing. Jessica, the eldest daughter of a coal miner-turned-farmer, has a fling with her half-brother Carl, which complicates things more when she becomes pregnant.

Van Peebles suggested that they cast a black actor instead. But Jeff's bigoted world of taunting and harassing black people on and off the job is turned upside down when his skin inexplicably turns dark overnight. He sleeps with the secretary only to discover she's developed a black fetish and therefore a racist and after he calls her out, she uses slurs towards him. As Jeff tries to come to terms with this unexplained phenomenon that has befallen him, he soon becomes the victim himself when all of his friends and neighbors suddenly shun and harass him. He tries taking a shower to wash the "black" off him, but finds it does not work, when Althea walks into the bathroom, and screams. 200 Erotic Movies . Mantan Moreland Directed by Kieron J. Walsh. It looks like a sit-com, but it is a 100 minutes of brightly lit, suburban provocation. 1 hr 37 min. The next day, he is persuaded to get up and go to work. The very last scene shows him practicing martial arts with a group of black menial workers, apparently having become one of the militants he used to put down.

So funny, yet so angry. Per Van Peebles he only filmed the current ending of the movie, forgetting to shoot the "it was all a dream" ending "by accident." The story, set in Kansas during the 1920s, covers less than a year in the life of a black teenager, and documents the veritable deluge of events which force him into sudden manhood. How it switches through styles, just like our main characters life is switching. Add to Wishlist. [2], Raucher and Van Peebles frequently clashed on set, as Raucher intended the movie to be a satire of white, liberal America, whereas Van Peebles wanted to change Raucher's script to make it a black power movie.
© 2020 Spicyonion.com. Honnêtement, c’est probablement le chef-d’œuvre de Van Peebles. Melvin Van Peebles construes a story in which a white man turns black, must face the black experience head first, or... skin first. It is pretty sad how many of the arguments that Melvin Van Peebles and Herman Raucher make in this film are just as relevant 50 years later.

What a scathing indictment of our excuse for a culture. Godfrey Cambridge plays the role of Jeff Gerber in whiteface for the first few minutes of the film, and then goes without the makeup when his character changes into a black man. Use the HTML below. This is a movie about a white man (played by a black man in white face) who turns black overnight.

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